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Post  Darren on Fri 27 Jan 2012, 1:21 pm

1. Summary of Zakum Pre-Quests:

a) Talk to 3rd job instructor in El Nath Chief Residence House
b) Go hunt Hectors (Brown wolves near El Nath town) and get 30 Hector Tails.
c) Walk a long way all the way until you reach Zakum's Door. Talk to Adobis.
d) Using the guide, you may do level 1 yourself. Or, do guild level 1 on Saturday for guidance.
e) Adobis' Level 2 Quest is a jump quest. It comprises of two stages.
f) Finally, give Adobis the items you've got from Level 1 and 2, and 30 hector tails.

Level 1 Adobis Maze Map (Print out or play maple in window-mode to use it)

Objective: Get all keys. Go room 16-5 using keys to open a box to complete.

Chaos Zakum Guide Rsz_za10

Level 2 Adobis Zakum Jump Quest Guide (Follow the techniques for the really hard jumps!)

2. Important Rules

a) You MUST have at least one eye of fire to enter Zakum Altar to join the boss run.
b) Please do not be late. Try to at least online 30 minutes before the stipulated timing.
c) Please hang on the rope when Zakum is at about 3% HP left. You'll be notified to do so.
d) Items should not be picked by anyone unless told to do so. We will share the loots.
e) When the warning is given to stop attacking, stop immediately. (i.e. 3% HP left on Zakum)
f) Follow instructions on which arm to attack if you're not sure.
g) Please do not enter Zakum Altar AT ALL before our run, as 1 day can enter only twice.
h) Bring only Power Elixirs pot (or risk dying a lot).


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